Recommended Restaurant: Sternen Grill, original Zurich delights

Recommended Restaurant: Sternen Grill, original Zurich delights


Swiss cuisine is a combination of many delicacies that are indicative of the country’s rich landscapes and carefully crafted delights. Cuisine here can take the form of highly refined plates or even basic layouts of meats cheeses and breads that have a succulent appeal.


Zurich is a booming business town and many of the restaurants are quite off the charts for travelers even on a generous budget. There are good places where one can sample tasty Swiss delights for more reasonable prices and in the heart of the sleek and modern downtown.


One such place is Sternen Grill. One will find this conveniently located restaurant just off Bellevue Platz. Here there are many pedestrian streets, local shops, specialty retailers, café’s, parks and just a five minute walk from the most historic buildings. The environment is very metropolitan and modern. Fitting into all this is Sternen Grill.


The Restaurant has an elevated patio with great views, a stylish interior with lots of glass, silver and modern décor and even an outside walk up stand for take away orders and those who’d like to sit down for a quick bite picnic table style. The atmosphere of the place and the clientele are younger folks. It has the efficiency of fast food, but with better quality, clean surroundings and creative menus.


As a grill based restaurant Sausages and Brats are the most treasured product, but there are many possibilities on the menu. They have garden salads with mixed herbs, various handcrafted dressings, veggie platters, omelets and many grilled vegetable side dishes that go well with the varied selection of meats and salads.  A standard lunch with all the fixings will run around 20 dollars which may sound steep, but for Zurich this is some of the best value for money one will find when eating out.


The novelty of eating here is that one does not have to go far from all the main of downtown Zurich, the meal comes quickly and affordably and it is something of a known and treasured place for many since the restaurant grew out of the tradition of the roadside food-trucks that are so common in big . The bread is a must which has the similar consistency to a pretzel and mustards are available in all kinds with many visitors being impressed by the extremely spicy varietals.



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