Restaurant Review: True Food Kitchen Atlanta

Restaurant Review: True Food Kitchen Atlanta


It is good to find such a restaurant that is delivering a great dinning experience with good quality food and an emphasis in healthy and organic products. True food kitchen is a new concept, or at least new to me. I just had the opportunity to visit their new restaurant in Atlanta and I can not be happier with the experience.


The restaurant is located in the upscale center Lenox Square in the heart of Buckhead. The locale has been put together with good taste, it uses simplicity of design integrating simple refreshing elements. They offer an open kitchen concept where one can see the whole process happening from preparation to cooking. There are different menus for lunch and dinner and I will say the prices ranges in the level of affordable being those for dinner a litle bit higher than those for lunch.

In the restaurant The personnel were friendly and educated from the host to waiters and those working in the bar. Our waiter started by asking us if that was our first time and then explained us the concept of the restaurant. We ordered some natural drinks and tea together with hummus. For our main dish we went for a quinoa burger and spaghetti squash.

Everything was served promptly with amazing presentation. People need to keep in mind that portions are smaller than your typical restaurant, the emphasis is put in the right size of plates and the quality of food.

Our hummus had the flavor of a homemade recipe, you can taste freshness everywhere. Our main dishes were equally excellent. I especially loved the spaghetti squash with the great tomato sauce.

The restaurant is very well attended, in fact there was a good number of guests, especially considering the fact that it was monday night. I think there are people eager to step away from those restaurants whose main focus is in deliver a huge meal with strong flavors based in unhealthy ingredients.

True food kitchen is not new in the food scene, but they are growing fast. They have been opening new restaurants in several in  the from San Diego to Houston, Dallas, Phoenix and several other destinations.

We loved our experience at True Food Kitchen, we hope this kind of restaurants will continue expanding to more cities. It is a great place to enjoy a good meal for locals and visitors alike.


Restaurant Review: True Food Kitchen Atlanta

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