Restaurant Review: Andres Carne de Res Bogotá Colombia

Restaurant Review: Andres Carne de Res Bogotá Colombia


Visitors to the Colombian Capital of Bogotá are sure to find an impressive city with up and coming restaurants and , but some older favorites are flourishing too. Colombian Cuisine is as varied as the diverse landscapes that make up the country. One of the city’s most iconic and happening establishments is the unique steakhouse Andres Carne de Res.



This prominent steakhouse is beloved by new visitors and repeat customers. There are two locations in the Metropolitan area, one in Chia which is located outside town and one in the city’s central districts. Both restaurants offer the same menu and specialize in live music the only difference is that the inner city location takes on a stronger party theme at night.





The city location which is the one we experienced is a multi-tiered place with loads of color, flair bouncing music and a very hip atmosphere. The place comes off as very fun, with entertaining staff and a great sense of being out and about. Most importantly the food is succulent and memorable. I visited between the lunch rush and before dinner time, so as far as party atmosphere goes, it was more laid back, which made service quicker and set a nie atmosphere for conversation, even with a hint of music in the background that occasionally made my foot start tapping. This location is known as the heart of the Rumba (party) so dinner reservations are probably necessary.




The food reflects a sampling of the soul of . If its completely unknown to you, best ask for recommendations, but of course the steaks are the highlight. Colombian Steaks are juicy and meaty and Andres does them right. Orders of appetizers and side dishes are where you can get samplings from particular regions. Soups, Yucca, Suero, and probably the most necessary Ajiaco, the most traditional Bogota dish that’s not to miss. Seafood is plentiful here too.



As restaurants go in major world capitals the prices are not bad. It will not be as affordable as the average Bogota restaurant, but it is a fraction of the cost for what one would pay in a top steakhouse in Miami, or Tokyo. Some people would even go so far to say that one hasn’t been to Bogota if one hasn’t eaten at Andres Carne de Res. This is certainly a stretch, but its good advice to lure to to one of the best meals in town.


Restaurant Review: Andres Carne de Res Bogotá Colombia

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