Where to enjoy an authentic meal on the island of Murano, Venice Italy

Where to enjoy an authentic meal on the island of Murano, Venice Italy


Imagine you’ve arrived in the early evening to the beloved yet, less touristed island of Murano in the Venetian lagoon. The daily crowds have subsided, but in addition to the end of the day, it is a holiday. Well these are the circumstances we found ourselves in, looking for dinner on this too sleepy isle, where not even the grocery stores were open, after a long haul flight!


Thanks to a great recommendation from the hotel staff, we asked for a place with all the tastes of a regular Italian home, not a place with a view or the highest ratings, a place where islanders good to get a savory meal. And so we set off to explore Osteria Al Duomo.


This unassuming restaurant sits just across a canal and in front of a pedestrian bridge that faces the Cathedral. Murano isn’t all that big so you can get there in a 20 minute walk from virtually anywhere on the island. 


We looked at the outside menu which showed some promising dishes and agreeable prices. When we walked in we found a busy yet welcoming staff who assured us that vegetarian options would be found or created to suit our dietary needs.


The beauty of the restaurant is that it doesn’t have those standard tourist trap tables outside on the street. It has an ancient wooden bar where kids and adults can get their beverages of choice. Turn a corner and you will find a pizza chef churning out a variety of creations and stacking a multitude of to go boxes while he works.


The most pleasant part of all is the central garden area. It is a lovely garden with trees, coverings decks and tables of every size. The waiters and staff were friendly and prompt. The menu has pages of pizzas, wonderful pastas, meats and plenty of the local specialty: seafood. 


Osteria al Duomo is unique because it is a cooperative that has functioned for little over a hundred years now. The place was founded by a priest looking to engage people in social activities and it has had 57 different directors over the years. We could tell by the lively atmosphere that everyone working here loves and takes pride in their work.


When in Murano for a day trip, overnight, or even on a holiday this restaurant is a great call for food atmosphere and an enjoyable time.

Where to enjoy an authentic meal on the island of Murano, Venice Italy



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