Rubenstien: Where history and food come together in Krakow

Rubenstien: Where history and food come together in Krakow

Restauracja Rubenstein is a place of elegant decor, charming atmosphere and delicious food in Krakow


Krakow is a city of history, charm and deep-rooted traditions. High among them are hearty Polish cuisine and the savory culture of heartwarming meals. The Jewish district of Krakow is home to some of the city’s most celebrated restaurants and they’re serving up excellent blends of some of the country’s most unique and blended foods.


Notable among the sights in The Jewish quarter are restaurants serving Kosher manifestations of rich Polish fare. Prices are amazingly affordable compared to what one would experience anywhere else in and the quality of the food is elite. The Rubinstein Residence is a charming boutique hotel with a cozy feel, elaborate artwork and lavish furnishings. Guests rave about the stunning rooms, rooftop bar and terrace and certainly lavish praise on the Hotel’s signature restaurant.


The restaurant is set on a modern style patio, it has a sleek feel with its glass ceilings, artesian stone work and noble European furnishings. The feel is a carefully constructed atmosphere that appeals to guests, people on social occasions and for business meetings alike. Service is intimate and professional.


The head Chef Mariusz Glac makes a special effort everyday set up a seasonal menu to cater to discerning guests and visitors. There is also a special sampling menu to get a taste of the whole range of delicacies available. One can expect savory dishes served with a range of excellent wines. For quality and value one will be hard pressed to find a better demonstration of Polish cuisine in this city of historic charm.



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