Renting a car in South Africa

Renting a car in South Africa


Renting a car in is one of the best and most affordable options to explore the country. Prices are quite good compared to rentals in other destinations, infrastructure is excellent, especially along the main routes and the scenery is wonderful.

Our recent experience of all over Western Cape showed us that the rental process is quite similar to anywhere else around the world. It is better to do a reservation before traveling since in that way one can get the best prices.



Many of the big international rental companies are located in South Africa, and there are as well several local ones. One can get the car at the airport and return it there or in any of the branches located in the same or surrounding cities. There is a surcharge fee for some locations including airports.


Renting a car in South AfricaMany of the online quotes include taxes and basic insurance. It is a good idea to confirm with one’s own insurance company from back home if there is some coverage for international driving or this can be done as well with the credit card company, since those coverages can represent savings in the final bill. We found no problem getting coverage through our credit card insurance.


Our recent personal experience of renting in Cape Town was straightforward and easy. We had some reservations and uncertainty about what would be acceptable, the desk agent informed us that any valid drivers license produced with a Latin alphabet is considered sufficient to rent a car.


The driver’s license should have being held for at least one year, it has to be in English, but most of the companies say that it is enough to have a drivers license in any roman alphabet. Otherwise it is compulsory to have an international drivers license along the regular DL.


Cape Town is an ideal place to rent cars, it is a very tourist friendly city, and quite safe in comparison to other destinations. The different areas in the city, the garden route and the wine country are excellent places to explore with a car rental. Precautions should be taken like anywhere else, one has to be specially careful with where the car is being parked and it is better to drive always with the doors locked and windows up and never leave it unattended with luggage inside.



Don’t forget to check very well the car before picking it up, like in any other place it has to be returned with a full tank or one will be charged a plus. Any electronic tolls will be billed to the credit card. We found pick up and return super fast and easy in Cape Town. 


Renting a car in South Africa



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