Recreo Verde: a great zip-lining locale in Costa Rica

Recreo Verde: a great zip-lining locale in Costa Rica


Recreo Verde, is a thrilling and intimate place just outside the small town of Venecia San Carlos in . For enjoyment of a place that is off the major tourist grid, with informed and expert guides this is a great spot to not only go zip lining but to take advantage of their cabins for a short stay, grounds to explore, pools, hot mineral springs feeding the rivers and untold wonders of flora and fauna.


The entire encampment is founded around a swirling river and deep rainforest jungle. The river has red stained rocks which reflect the high mineral content of its tributary hot springs, something the local landscape is full of. The entire campground has facilities to enjoy just about everything and while it is not a luxury resort, it doesn’t have to be, the setting is rustic and inviting, a true spot to relax and breathe in the wonders of nature.


Recreo Verde: a great zip-lining locale in Costa RicaThe zip line activity is readly available during normal business hours, tours can fill up in high season so it might be recommended to book the day before. Prices in general are more affordable here since the location is off the beaten path, however one may find it by following signs for ‘recreo-verde’ or ‘canopy’ from the main road through Venecia San Carlos. The main office at the entrance of the park is where you book and pay for the canopy tour. Descending down to the riverbed area one waits for the guide team to arrive, pass around waivers to be signed and then get fitted with the proper equipment and head up in a van to the first platform.


There are 16 amazing platforms from which you descend and stop. All are of adequate difficulty for a beginner and the first lines are easy to get you into the swing of things. There is as well a Tarzan swing, which will get you feeling adventurous, and the pendulum swing too. The rappel down the side of a tree platform can be a real rush depending on if you request it fast or slow, ask for fast and you’ll be glad you did. The lines also cross out over the scenic riverbed and one can be assured of glimpsing some colorful birds and maybe a lazy monkey or two.


The attitude and atmosphere of the place is quite familiar. Here you don’t feel like another tourist lining up for the obligatory experience, but a true guest of the managers and staff who are courteous and good at what they do. With the site being along the way especially for tourists headed to the area of Arenal Volcano this can be a quite worthwhile stop. The wooden cabanas are the best place to hang your hat for the night and are situated right in the midst of the campground.


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