How to reach the city of Quito, Ecuador from the airport

How to reach the city of Quito, Ecuador from the airport

Landing in the high altitude city of Quito was a wonderful experience. The brand new is a gem, everything is orderly, clean and functions well. There are no shortage of options to get from the airport to the city.

Ecuador uses the US Dollar as its currency and it is a fairly cash based society, for some of the cheaper transport options it is better to plan on using cash. The airport is very new and it is located between forty minutes and an hour from the downtown of Quito.

How to reach the city of Quito, Ecuador from the airport

Public Bus:

The fare for this route is around two dollars. It can be fine to take if you don’t have a lot of luggage, you can patiently wait out the various stops and your destination is somewhere along the route. However this wouldn’t be recommended unless you know your way around Quito.


Direct Bus:

Coach buses go directly to the old airport which no longer functions but sits inside the city itself. It is an affordable way to get into the city and from there take a more direct means of transport. Prices are quoted at seven dollars per person, but we were given the rate of six. The company is called Aero and buses depart frequently right outside the arrival terminal. There are kiosks inside and out at which to buy tickets. The ride took around 45 minutes.



Taxi’s charge the most of any of the services and depending on where you are headed in the city the price ranges from $35-$50. Which is what you pay for a hotel car in some cases. They are abundant outside the terminal, clean and safe.



The newest player on the block, Uber came to Ecuador in August of 2017. The app worked perfect calling a car anytime we used it. There are still issues about its legality, drivers can be fined up to $800 for operating. So if you are going to use it be kind to your driver, have someone sit in the front seat with them and act like friends when taking your luggage out of the car, so that they won’t be fined.


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