Public Transit in Berlin, Germany


Public Transit in Berlin, Germany

The rapid S Bahn is a vital part of Berlin’s transit system


The city of Berlin is one that offers great pedestrian opportunities and an extensive public transit system awaiting for you that’s easy to use.


Tickets are fully integrated so that one may switch between, buses, trams, U Bahn, S Bahn depending on the time value of the ticket. All of the city’s major train stations, airports, and plazas are easily reached by these fully accessible connections. The S Bahn and U Bahn lines are above and below ground metros respectively that move quickly all over the city.


Use buses for connections and for shorter trips within the city.


The city is divided into three Zones, A,B and C. Most of the city and its immediate suburbs are within Zones A and B and are the only zones a Berlin tourist should really be concerned about.


The cost of a single journey ticket with A and B zones is 2,40 Euros and is valid with any number of transfers for two hours. This ticket worked well for us just getting into our hotel on the first day and leaving the city on our last.

Otherwise it will be best to look for day and group ticket options. Tickets may be purchased from automated machines at any station, Local ATM Cards, some international cards, coins and cash are accepted. It is best to have Euro coins. Some buses like the ones from the airport one can purchase from the driver.


The most agreeable option for tourists is the day pass which is 6,50 Euros valid on the date of purchase until 3 am that night. Finally if you only need a fixed number of trips, the four trip ticket is a good option at 8,40 Euros rather than buying four individually priced tickets for Zones A and B. Be sure and always validate your tickets as soon as you purchase them.


This public transit system of Berlin is laudably clean, efficient, extensive and pleasant. One can find in it an inexpensive and comfortable way to move around the thrilling and vibrant city.



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