Review: Prego Ristorante and Bar Manila Philippines


Review: Prego Ristorante and Bar Manila Philippines


The recently opened City of Dreams complex in Paranaque, just near Manila’s complex is the site of , and gaming, and they certainly didn’t forget fine food. There’s a bevy of restaurants focusing on all kinds of international fare, one that stood out to us immensely was Prego, the local expert in Italian cuisine. 



From the outset the restaurant was alluring, brand new with a cross between ultramodern fixtures like wood, stone and chandeliers, yet with familiar amenities like wine racks, an open fire oven and the smell of pasta. The hours are very good, open from breakfast through dinner with creative attempts to allure gaming customers no matter what meal is in order.


Service:Review: Prego Ristorante and Bar Manila Philippines

The menu outside displayed all the items at very good prices. What remained was to go inside and have the experience. The waiters and staff were wonderfully kind and so prompt. They immediately sat us wherever we wanted and began with informing us about the lunch menu. There were excellent options for meat lovers, vegetarians and fans of all sorts of Italian food. The menu was quite ecclectic. We asked for certain modifications to the pastas we ordered just to have some of our favorite Italian cheeses which they readily did.



The staff offer freshly baked bread with your order so be sure to save room for the meal. It comes with a savory olive oil, spices and balsamic dip. In no time our pastas were on our table with tasty and affordable Italian house wine and sparkling water. All the pastas are high quality, they only offer Italian brands or one freshly made on site, the freshness was immediately evident. We were so impressed by the authenticity and quality of ingredients (having lived in Italy for some time) we spoke with the chef and staff to commend their creative and savory efforts.


Review: Prego Ristorante and Bar Manila Philippines



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