A magical hotel in Antigua Guatemala: Posada de Don Rodrigo

A magical hotel in Antigua Guatemala: Posada de Don Rodrigo


Antigua in is a city that is a spectacular delight to visit and explore, but even more to stay in. 


What is good for visitors to know is that one can stay in luxury settings and authentic places of colonial wonder for good prices especially at Posada de Don Rodrigo. This hotel has around 300 years of architectural greatness for its guests to enjoy. It is just off the central square in the heart of Antigua. It occupies one of the city’s most famous stretches of road that passes under St. Catherine’s arch, an icon of the city.


The walls of the hotel are charming yet unassuming from the outside, once you’ve crossed the main threshold inner layers of an age gone by begin to unfold. It seems so much bigger inside with two major courtyards with a broad patio and overhanging tiled roof. It is just magical to feel the open air and the scents of the volcanic peaks and coffee plantations nearby. Inside these courtyards lie elegantly paved patterns of stone, manicured gardens with exotic trees and plants and many antique tools used to work the land and architecture of the region.


A magical hotel in Antigua Guatemala: Posada de Don RodrigoThe Posada’s rooms all face out into the courtyards and porches. They are well equipped with the best technology and modern conveniences. The hotel staff are abundant, friendly and eager to please. Internet is wi-fi throughout the facility and special requests are encouraged and fulfilled promptly. Not only are the rooms wired for all the latest tech, but they have many captivating features like centuries old wooden furnishings, richly toned hardwood floors, expansive fireplaces and antique décor all around.


The hotel has one restaurant and kitchen which serves up many gastronomic delights and local treats in a refined atmosphere. There is often entertainment in the evenings and the settings of the table and the restaurant itself are simply magical. Their specialty is certainly getting their guests out and about on all kinds of tours and adventures. They offer canopy tours, monument excursions, coffee farm tours, volcano expeditions, horseback riding and transport to just about any place in Guatemala.



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