Playa Conchal: An outstanding Costa Rica beach

Playa Conchal: An outstanding Costa Rica beach


Costa Rica by definition of its name has some amazing, fertile and beautiful coastline. It should come as no surprise then that there is very good competition around for amazing beaches. Playa Conchal is one which ranks in our experience as a top contender. 


Where to find it

It is located in the dramatic and verdant Western province of Guanacaste. This mix of flatland savannah and mountains sets the backdrop for beautiful resorts, hot springs, forests and of course the Pacific coast with many gulfs and bays. Playa Conchal extends a long ways and due to the fact that all beaches in are public and must have public access anyone can enjoy it whether staying at a beachfront resort or just visiting for the day.



What to expect

The characteristics of Playa Conchal are diverse. Sloping cliffs move down to the waters edge in some parts and softer hills with foliage and shade make up the beachfront. The cliffs form natural separations between beaches which give them a dramatic effect. Even out in the water one can see remnants of worn away cliffs, islands covered with trees or just bare rock. The sand is spectacular. It has a soft grain to it that is like white gold. This is one of the better beaches in Costa Rica for seashells so, be sure to start a collection. Many of the shells are colorful and wonderfully intact from the tides which was them up daily.



There are small stands set up under the trees during the day. Here one can buy souvenirs, clothing, trinkets and even grab a massage. People will park their trucks and jeeps here to from the public access road. Know that the access road does get flooded in high tide so be sure to time your entrance and exit if onto the beach. Just behind the tree line is the Reserva Conchal resort which offers several condominiums, gated communities and hotel amenities. Jet skis, horses, snorkeling gear and many beachfront vendors make the place spectacular.


Playa Conchal: An outstanding Costa Rica beach

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