Great Pizza in Bratislava Slovakia

Great Pizza in Bratislava Slovakia

Primo Amore for us and many others takes the prize as best pizza place in the city. It lies within walking distance of the historic center and yet it is enough off the beaten path that you won’t find many tourists here, but lots of locals clamoring for some home made Italian in the heart of


Great Pizza in Bratislava SlovakiaWhen we first arrived the lunchtime rush hour had not yet come. The place opens at 11am daily and we walked in at 11:05am. By 11:20 am the restaurant was filling up fast. The service is typical of a local place, friendly but no frills. The menu was like a combination book of every possible pizza one could imagine. There were many vegetarian options and the portions we had which included fresh ingredients like arugula, potatoes, mozzarella and spinach were delightful. 


The pizza took around 15 minutes to arrive and the restaurant had a nice selection of wines, sparkling waters and common soft drinks. There was a coffee machine and some refined Italian desserts as well as appetizers, but the personal pizzas are sufficient for a meal. The restaurant had wifi and facilities and it is bigger as you go further inside, however it doesn’t lose the feeling of a typical home style trattoria. 


We were looking for an affordable and authentic Italian meal in the Slovakian capital and we found it here easily. The quality was great, the prices stellar and the service was laudable. We recommend this as a great restaurant in Slovakia and one of the best pizza parlors in the city, if not the country: Primo Amore. 


Great Pizza in Bratislava Slovakia

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