Pita Pan: An affordable and healthy option to eat in Singapore.

Pita Pan: An affordable and healthy option to eat in Singapore.


Singapore, the city state has many wonderful aspects that attract travelers from around the world, but affordability is not necessarily one of its virtues. In fact it is regarded as a place mostly for those with deep pockets. The truth is that with some planning a trip to this country can be done, including the fact that one can enjoy good meals without breaking the bank.


During our last trip we tried “Pita Pan”. It is an informal restaurant with abundant healthy dining options. The menu is designed around a Middle Eastern and Mediterranean theme. In our case we had the opportunity to try them at the luxurious Mall located in Marina Bay Sands.


We ordered a plate to share, that costs us only 30 Singaporean dollars. It was really a great call. The food was fresh, delicious and abundant. We accompany our meal with fresh squeezed vegetable juices.


Our plate to share included Hummus, vegetables, Pita bred, Roasted egg plant, Baba Ganoush, Falafel, and other delicious options. In fact the restaurant makes a great option for vegetarians. We were very satisfied with the quality of the ingredients, the friendliness of those working there, how clean the locale is maintained and the great price for a city that is known for its expensive food.


We were positively surprised to find a dining option like this in such an ultra luxurious Mall. Once inside Marina Bay Sands, it was not hard to find the restaurant, we asked about it in the information kiosk and they gave us a small map and marked for us the exact location. One can choose to eat inside or outside where there is a nice view of the skyline of the financial center.


Pita Pan: An affordable and healthy option to eat in Singapore.

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