Pike Place: A traditional American Market in Seattle

Pike Place: A traditional American Market in Seattle


Seattle might not seem like the place for tradition, but innovation, by reputation. However it boasts a market attraction known as Pike Place, over 100 years in operation, it still holds to a “Meet the producer” mentality, as vendors who handcraft their cherished products, foodstuffs and bounties stand by to make a fresh delivery.


One might have to brave the crowds a bit, but the classic Neon Red sign that reads “Public Market” tells you that you have arrived at the corner of Pike St. and First Ave. The place has fixed hours of Mon-Sat 9 am- 6 pm and Sundays 9 am-5 pm. However due to the original and spontaneous nature of the market, individual vendors might stay open late or close early depending on what’s going on.  The morning is always the recommended time to visit, as they say the early bird gets the worm. One can always count on meeting friendly characters, hearing good music and browsing something new upon every visit.


Fish Market


Being close to the waterfront means that the day’s catch is right off the boats. There is even an exciting new waterfront entrance being planned, which will bring the panorama of the open water to the market. There are four specialized fish markets within the larger market itself. This being the Pacific regions, expect to see Gourmet Salmon being prepared at every turn. There will be other delights of the deep such as tuna, squid, crabs, lobster and shellfish being delivered on the regular. Look for this market at the Southern End, near the famed brass pig.


Meats, Dairy and Pastries


The animal products found here are raised and delivered with utmost concentration and care. One can find the last stages of meat preparations into sausages, links and grindings going on freshly. Check out Don and Joe’s. Cheeses, yogurts and the like are also handcrafted on site which brings a whole new sense of artistry to this foodie paradise. The range of lactose substitutes, vegan options and the like are well represented too. Succulent bakeries such as Three Girls and Le Panier can render even the most carbo-phobic weak in the knees.


The North Arcade


This area is properly the fresh produce and farmer’s market place. The Northwest is a region full of ample produce, with lots of seasonal variety. Organic is the standard and everything from apples, to berries to roasted coffee is on display. The market is not short on events, plan on seeing guest chefs, vegetarian displays and informative nutritional content. There are over 80 local area producers who contribute to this collage of colorful foods.


Pike Place: A traditional American Market in Seattle


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