Phi Phi Island Thailand: best ways to arrive and stay

Phi Phi Island Thailand: best ways to arrive and stay


Thailand is a big market these days for travelers from across the globe. The rare exotic beaches, jungles and the ancient civilization and kingdom built around happiness is a place of relaxation and wonder. Phi Phi are one of the most popular daytrips from the famous beach peninsula of Phuket, but they can also be quiet and inviting places to stay as well.


The islands see the most foot traffic around noon till 5pm each day when day trip tours pour in from all sides. During this time the tiny shops, little travel agencies and restaurants of all kinds will be bustling with business. Its not too inconvenient for the island dweller, because one can just as easily avoid the rush by enjoying a nap or wandering out to one of the back beaches where the tourist boats don’t pull up.  For those who do enjoy crowds and parties there is a lot going on during the daytime rush too. The island goes back and forth between a vibrant party scene and a quiet tropical isle.


The are mostly concentrated on the main island of the Phi Phi chain which is called Ko Phi Phi Don Island. All have in common their great location, not one of them is more than two minutes walking from the island beaches. Also one won’t find the massive resort style buildings here that exist in Phuket. Most hotels have a smaller campus with bungalows and rooms never totaling more than 100. This doesn’t mean infrastructure is lacking. There are restaurants, pools, private balconies, coffee shops, gift shops and gardens. Outrigger, Arayaburi, Holiday Inn, Zeavola and Phi Phi beach resort are among the best spots.


Getting to the island is done by ferry or speedboat. The general access points are from Rassada Pier in Phuket or the pier just outside Krabi town. The prices range from 350-1000 baht depending on the ferry chosen and the time of year. It is a good policy only to buy the tickets you absolutely need, don’t get talked into any deals or combo packages and know that you can buy the same tickets on the dock, in tourist offices and in stores, so shop around and you can find out who will give you the best price. Speedboats are generally much higher in cost, but can be worth it if you are looking to avoid crowds and get to the island as soon as possible.


Phi Phi Island Thailand: best ways to arrive and stay

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