Park Hyatt Siem Reap, Cambodia

Park Hyatt Siem Reap, Cambodia

The Park Hyatt in Siem Reap is one of those exceptionally good hotels from beginning to end. It has a great location in the heart of downtown close to all the happenings and the but it still feels like an oasis in which to retreat and relax.
from the was extremely easy, we paid only 7 dollars for a cab. Once in the hotel there is a reception area but check in was done in what is called the living room that is actually a lobby lounge/ restaurant. As soon we arrived we were directed to sit in one of the tables and we were invited to order from an extensive menu of welcoming drinks.

Our room was airy, with everything one can wish to feel comfortable in a trip like this. The space is generous thought not huge and the decoration is extremely nice incorporating local motifs. Our room faced inner courtyard, that made it very quiet.
Everything we asked for was brought promptly. As another welcoming token there was an impressive selection of tropical fruits, chocolates and other snacks and even a very good bottle of prosecco.  We enjoyed very much the premium toiletries and all the amenities of the bathroom.

The outdoor areas of the hotel are wonderful. This is a city hotel, but they did an amazing job distributing the spaces in such way that makes one to feel in a very open property. There are two pools, one close to the central garden and another next to the spa, both are extremely beautiful and surrounded by tropical gardens.

We had breakfast every morning at the main restaurant. It is one of the best breakfasts I have experienced in a hotel. Everything was cook to order and the desire to pleased the guests was highly noticeable. We enjoyed our lunch at the informal restaurant as well.

The Spa is another beautiful place in the hotel. There is a small but very complete fitness center. We like the possibility of using the steam bath every day after working out and the personnel was prompt to offer us complimentary use of one of the suites of the spa that has a steam bath, that was a very nice touch. The last day, after extensive exploration of Angkor Wat we went for a relaxing massage at the Spa, it was a a great experience and we paid a very affordable price for such a luxurious Spa.
We loved the hotel very much. It is in fact considered one of the best in Siem Reap. We will recommended to discerning traveler who is in look of a one of a kind experience in an excellent hotel.



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