10 things not to miss in Tallinn, Estonia

10 things not to miss in Tallinn, Estonia


Tallinn, the capital of Estonia is a fascinating  and charming town, despite its small size it is one of the best examples of well kept medieval in . It is just simply amazing to walk around the historic center and enjoy the beauty of cobble stones and ancient buildings, in a lot of ways the visitor will find himself transported to a different time. Here is a list of things not to miss when visiting Tallinn.


1-    Take the cruise from Helsinki to Tallinn: Actually this is an excellent way to combine both cities. Ferries and cruises go from one city to the other the whole day and it is certainly a very nice experience and an affordable one.

2-    Kadriorg Art Museum: it is actually an amazing palace from the 18th century with impressive decoration and designs housing a respectable collection of art. For some time it was used as the presidential palace.

3-    Alexander Nevski Cathedral: This is an extraordinary temple located in the high part of the old Town. There are impressive views of the lower town around it. The church itself is a striking domed structure with very nice paintings and decorations.

4-    Tallinn Town wall: It is one of the responsible parties of the coziness of this city.  The walls are in very good shape, and there are several gates around, once one crosses the wall the magic of the city enclave in time starts.

5-    Estonian Air Museum: here one can admire traditional buildings and houses that have been brought from all over the country. It is an excellent way to connect with and understand the way in which Estonians live.

6-    St Olav’s Church: It actually dominates the panorama in Tallinn, and it may come as a surprising fact that at some point of history this was the tallest building in the world. The original spire was destroyed by lightning but the actual structure and the church in itself are must see spots in the city.

7-    Raekoja Platz and the city hall: this is one of the nicest parts of the whole old city. There are many excellent restaurants and souvenir shops and it is one of the nicest places to take a picture from this town.

8-    St Catherine’s passage: it is a narrow passage inside the old city, it is another very nice place offering the visitor a unique feeling in a city full of beautiful vistas

9-    Tallinn TV Tower: it is a modern landmark that brings the possibility of admiring the beauty of the city and its surroundings from the heights, certainly it brings a unique perspective.

10 -Enjoying the local food: there are many good restaurants in Tallinn, many specialize in local delicacies. Do you want a recommendation? Do not miss Porgu, where you will find as well excellent local beer.




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