New Zealand’s top natural attractions

New Zealand’s top natural attractions


The wilds of New Zealand are the country’s greatest national treasure, thus it makes sense that many tourists every year include these pristine escapes of pure nature in their travel plans after they’ve arrived and seen the basics of the big on the island. The uncrowded nature of the country coupled with unparalled geological formations and unique flora and fauna make it a true land of mystery. There are thousands of places to explore but these natural parks and wonders are some of the best to consider.



The Catlins Coast: Stretching from Kaka Point to Fortrose this is the virgin and rugged part of New Zealand. It makes up part of what is called the Southern scenic route and it is an area that is constantly exposed to the winds of change and the will of the wild. There are pre-historic forests, deep lakes, proud waterfalls and of course the rocky and wavy coast. Seabirds and other nature can be found in abundance. Check out local B&B’s like Catlins retreat guest house and Catlins gallery for a homestyle stay.



Ninety Mile Beach and Cape Reinga: This area is a mystic land filled with legends from the Maori peoples. This area is the Northernmost tip of New Zealand and Cape Reinga is the point on which a sturdy lighthouse stands. The open coastline of 90 mile beach is filled with incredible surf. Sports enthusiasts sandboard the mountainous sand dunes. In this largely barren land be sure to bring supplies because there isn’t much infrastructure. Scenery is surreal and fascinating.



Tongariro National Park: This park shows just how varied the landscape of New Zealand can be. It is the home to three major volcanoes on a high plateau called: Ruapehu, Tongariro, and Ngauruhoe. It is a great place for hikers and adventurers looking to cross an indomitable terrain. Most of the lodgings are simple places for backpackers, there are transports and shuttles to more secluded areas and there is often a lot of filming in this undisturbed wilderness.



Waiotapu Thermal Wonderland: This natural wonder of color heat and water is thousands of years old. A conglomeration of geysers, mud pools, hot bubbling lakes, and steamy pools make for great exploration and wonder. Try and catch the Lady Knox Geyser which goes off at 10:15am punctually every day. The staff are helpful and it is worthwhile to wander around thoroughly as it is an impressive site. The guide staff are helpful too.



Fiordland: You might think you’re in Scandanavia, but you couldn’t be further away. This land of dazzling blue and green with snow capped peaks is the home of the great walks, trails that offer panoramas of incomparable beauty. Mount Aspiring National Park has so much infrastructure and beauty to offer and the Spring season is the highlighted time of the year to catch the most sunny days and explore.



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