Explore Munich, Germany with a variety of public transit passes

Explore Munich, Germany with a variety of public transit passes


Munich is the heart of Bavaria and it is also a major layover spot for International flights so chances are at some point or another even if you haven’t planned on a trip to Munich directly you may find yourself with some time to do so. The is a fair distance from the city and tickets are affordable yet costs can add up.


There are two systems of transit, the U bahn which is mostly underground and the S Bahn which is mostly above ground trains. The entire system of maps and fares can be accessed on the transit authority site here.

Day ticket:

The MVV City tour card for a one day (time of validation till 6am the following day) is available for a single rider or a group purchase. The group purchase is where the real savings come in. You can essentially move up to 5 adults for the price of 2 regular tickets. Cost will depend on the zones you pick. If you want to include the airport it will be around 22 Euros. If you just want the inner city districts it will be around 11 Euros.


3 Day ticket:

This works the same as the 1 day ticket in terms of groups or single riders, it expires on 6am of the 4th day. The only difference is that it only works for the inner district and it is sold for 27 Euros for a group pass.



This is a card that is similar to the day tickets for single and group riders. The difference is that it can be purchased for a variety of zones and a variety of days ranging from 1-4. The rates are a good savings especially when you get into the group benefits. This card offers discounts at over 70 citywide . It can be purchased at any machine or kiosk.


Airport-City-Day Ticket:

This is especially designed for single riders (12 Euros) or Group riders (22.30 Euros) who will be just spending one day in Munich. The ticket is good within the entire network from the moment of validation till 6am the following day. This is a good savings for a roundtrip to the airport within 24 hours.


The honor system is in place, yet you still must validate your tickets and plainclothes ticket checkers do surface now and then. The city occupies very flat terrain and which is typical of the Bavarian countryside, but it can be quite spread out so the well-connected metro and train network make transit a quick and enjoyable process. Enjoy Munich!

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