Monteria Colombia Airport Review

Monteria Colombia Airport Review


Our travels in and around have taken us through the Northern Caribbean department of Cordova on several occasions. The main city of this department is Monteria. A big city surrounded by lush tropical pastures and a tradition of cattle raising. 


Each time we’ve come through this one runway the progress has been steady and welcome. What’s charming about the place is that it looks like the original outpost so many airports were at their founding, while being a fully functional facility with several airlines and many flights per day.



Everything at Monteria Airport can be quickly surveyed in just a few minutes. There is a long road in, (the same one you take out) lined with more vibrant yellow taxi’s than it seems passengers they could carry. It adds to the magical flair and atmosphere that this region of Colombia offers. A convenient parking lot for a nominal charge has you steps away from the check in counters and did we forget to mention departures and arrivals are just feet from each other?


Still there is a lot of space and everything functions as it ought to. There feels like no rush or worry here, everything is in plain sight and lines tend not to be long. The first floor has an information desk, security checkpoint, check in area, bathrooms and souvenir shops. The second floor meanwhile overlooks the waiting area with a nice selection of restaurants from the most homemade food stands to local chains.



Airlines that fly into Monteria are: LAN Colombia which has several flights per day to and from Bogota the capital. Avianca which also has flights to Bogota. There are other flights to Medellin, Barranquilla and Cartagena.


Monteria Colombia Airport Review


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