Why is it worthwhile to visit Montenegro?

Why is it worthwhile to visit Montenegro?

This country has been increasing in popularity for several years now among tourists to . Some may still not even know is a country, but for those who have been or maybe seen a picture or two it is a gem of a country, a special treasure that we’ve loved exploring in Southeastern Europe. 

How do people get here?

Why is it worthwhile to visit Montenegro?

Montenegro is part of the Balkan area of Europe which only emerged from oppressive closure and internal conflict a couple decades ago. Thus its connections to the rest of Western Europe are rebuilding.

  • Many cruise lines are now offering stops in Montenegro which is how many people are getting to know it, especially the port city of Budva.
  • There are flights from several other places in Europe but the planes and schedules are smaller.
  • It is very common in the Balkan region to take buses from one country to another and this is very affordable too.
  • Renting a car is another solid option which allowed us to go around the entire country.

What is there to do?

Why is it worthwhile to visit Montenegro?

Montenegro is called the land of wild beauty. It has the ruggedness of stone mountains in almost every direction with dramatic elevations and peaks. In contrast to this there are gorgeous beaches and the electric blue colors of the Adriatic Sea. It all forms a symphony of nature which begs to be explored by lovers of the outdoors.

  • History fans will love the monasteries, museums, churches and forts which are all over the country.
  • Watch a range of old and new traditions from icons being made to the capital Podgorica being built up into a modern city.
  • Wonderful food reflects the rich agricultural traditions of the mountains as well as the delightful bounty of the sea.
  • There are national parks which are largely untouched lands, if you want to experience incredible nature plan extended camping here.


What kind of itinerary do you recommend?

Why is it worthwhile to visit Montenegro?


The city of Budva is a great seaport. It has affordable apartments, an ancient old town, a lively beach and an island castle to explore at Svanti Stefan.


Kotor is a fascinating city build around a deep bay surrounded on three sides by steep mountain cliffs. Hike above the tree line to get one of the most amazing views in the entire country.


Podgorica is the new capital which sits out on a vast plain, it has many exciting new buildings which show the renovation and growth of Montenegro.


Cetinje is the old capital of the country. It has a famous monastery and some beautiful pedestrian streets. It is certainly too small to be a modern capital and life here continues much as it has across the centuries.


Why is it worthwhile to visit Montenegro?

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