Monte Sant’Angelo: sanctuary in Gargano Italy

Monte SantAngelo: sanctuary in Gargano Italy

Set along the beautiful blue haze of the Adriatic in lies a sleepy town all dressed in white. The gentle slopes down to the sea contains an ancient sanctuary, an underground grotto or cave which has been hallowed from time immemorial. The devotion extends to the Archangel Michael, hence the name translated as Mount of the holy angel.

Many pilgrims come here with a special focus for the place of worship, but many also come in tandem with the nearby tours to the shrine of Padre Pio, an Italian monk famed for special favors and intercession in his lifetime and beyond.


Getting there:

Since this area is a big city there are certainly buses and trains, but it is not big enough to have direct connections from major such as , Milan or Naples. The best bet is to take a form of transit to a region hub such as Foggia or Bari and from there to take local buses or trains. Car rentals are a good option as well since highways are easy to navigate over much of the area.


Monte Sant’Angelo Sanctuary

Once inside the city itself it is not too hard to navigate the sanctuary and its environs. For a curious day-tripper it is perfectly easy to see the sanctuary and some of the city all in an afternoon.For those looking at a longer stay see some of the recommended stay options below. The sanctuary itself can be accessed free of charge. At the main gate one will move down several hundred feet of stairs (there is handicap accessibility too) which levels off in an underground platform. From here there are facilities for religious encounters as well as a gift shop and other services. The grotto itself is a combination of Italian church style beauty mixed with the natural splendor of the cave structure. 


Stay options

For someone looking to spend time in pilgrimage there are many affordable pensions as well as various levels of hotels in the area. There is also a pilgrims house associated with the sanctuary which has competitive rates, it is steps from the worship site and complete with a restaurant, space for 115 persons, a chapel, conference center and other modern looking amenities.



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