Mineral Springs: Fort Myers, Florida

Mineral Springs: Fort Myers, Florida


Nestled along a sleepy stretch of historic highway 41 just South of Fort Myers in an area called San Carlos Park lies a developed mineral spring site. The local attraction is known by many visitors who swear by its restorative properties, yet many locals could be forgiven for not having noticed it, since it sits on the property of a regular looking Days Inn Hotel. 


The hotel owns and operates the springs, and for access one must drop by the front desk and pay a $10 day pass (the price is up from the $5, that was charged for the past few years).


The hotel itself is a typical Days Inn that has a pool, a tiki bar and an attached diner on site called MarLiDa’s. There is plenty of parking around back for access to the mineral springs. Travelers and guests should not expect a full fledged spa or ultra modern surroundings.


The mineral spring area is set in a cozy garden area with reclining chairs, a picnic area and a building with changing rooms and showers. Everything in the Springs area was restored in 2010 after Days Inn took over the property.


The spring itself comes out of a tiered fountain with a Grecian styled dome overhead which blocks out the sun and summertime rain. There is an adjacent pool which is in the open air. The water has a high sulfur content and the bathing is nice with water coming out at 82 degrees.


The water source comes from a deep aquifer that was struck back in the 1960’s when prospectors were drilling for oil. It has been flowing ever since. An adjacent pond filled with lily pads is home to some active wildlife and gives a rustic feel to the whole setting. Hours of operation are sunup to sundown, there is good wifi on the property for those wanting to bring a computer and monthly passes are available. The location is: Days Inn Spring Resort, 18051 U.S. 41 S., San Carlos Park, FL.



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