Mendoza Argentina

Mendoza Argentina


Mendoza is a really attractive destination in . It is in the heart of the desert and at the foothills of the Andean Mountains, surrounded by majestic beauty, impressive vineyards and ancient olive trees.


It is the center in the wine industry of Argentina, producing 60% of the country’s wine. So it creates a great opportunity for tourists to be immersed in the local world of wine with guided tours and wine tastings.


There is a small international airport, but most visitors arrive to Santiago, Chile and take a bus for the picturesque seven hour journey crossing the Andean Mountains (just keep in mind this pass can be closed after heavy snowfalls in the winter from May to September).


It is an affordable destination, with great nightlife, wonderful restaurants which is not hard to imagine in a country with a world renowned culinary tradition. There are luxurious hotels and many affordable lodging options for those on a budget.Mendoza Argentina


It takes 17 hours arrive from the capital Buenos Aires in bus, but many venture into that trip. Mendoza is an easy city to walk around and  public is very accessible.


Those who arrive during the Winter season can escape to Las Lenas, the biggest ski resort in Argentina. Winter Sports here more affordable there than in many other destinations around the world.


Just one hour away is located the Termas of Cacheuta for those who want to experience to hot spring natural waters.


Many of the of Mendoza are far beyond the city limits including the beauty of the desert and the best way to see such beauty is to take a horse riding gaucho tour.


For adventurous travelers it is impossible to ignore the majestic presence of the Anconcagua, the highest mountain in the world outside Asia. There are multiple hiking excursions to the top of the mountain or its surroundings.


Mendoza is a great destination, an affordable one where great culture, delicious food, natural beauty and a unique location blends together.


Mendoza Argentina


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