Marriott Park, Rome Italy

Marriott Park, Rome Italy



Finding a hotel in is not difficult. Finding a hotel that can meet the standards, space and service to which you are normally accustomed is the bigger task. We’ve experienced and had feedback from many travelers on the issue. The Rome Marriott Park is one of the which offers more space, comfort and amenities because it is outside the city proper about half way to the .


The Cost of Location


The hotel we found works well especially for a whole trip stay or night before departure since it is conveniently located near the airport. What is the downside for many? That you can’t just walk outside your door and be in the midst of romantic streets. A paid shuttle at 10 Euros per person, one way is the price for city access. We found the fee to be expensive, especially when many hotels in similar logistical situations offer a free shuttle to their nearby attractions.


First Impressions

Marriott Park, Rome Italy

The décor of the Marriott is classical. The main lobby is guilt with paintings of the city, massive columns and much of the room furnishings are expressions of classic Roman Luxury. The lobby is a very unique space the allows one to feel the magnificence of grand and open spaces also found in Rome itself in places like the Pantheon and Coliseum. Check in was easy and friendly yet it was disappointing to find out that many of the amenities and services, which are included in any standard Marriott here carry an extra cost. For instance the steam and sauna facilities are nice, yet they are not included even for higher members of their rewards program.



Marriott Park, Rome Italy

The rooms are certainly more spacious than one normally would find in Rome itself, yet they are still European standard. Some have balconies and the views overlook the hillsides of the farms and fields around Rome. Rooms are decorated in a classic style meaning they are not ugly or run down, they simply favor a more dated style of luxury than is standard among modern hotel furnishings. The room we received had a soaking tub, flat screen TV and a walk in closet. The hotel has a decent gym with a good range of equipment. There is a seasonal outdoor pool area and an outdoor jogging trail too. The steam room, sauna and whirlpool can be found inside the spa facility at additional cost.


Food Beverage and Lounge experiences

Marriott Park, Rome Italy

The breakfast had a good range of food options from an international spread. There were also many healthy options available as well. It is held in the Brasserie restaurant with wide views of the fields and surrounding towns. In the same area one can find the lobby bar which is shaped like a massive boat capable of facilitating large group events and serving up snacks and sandwiches. The executive lounge was a cozy little space and the food and beverage service was adequate and the furnishings and amenities quite acceptable. Overall, the Rome Marriott Park is a hotel that has many more amenities and much more space than your average Rome hotel. It is certainly a place with good qualities and a place that can improve too. Marriott however has excellent standards which are unanimous around the globe and the fact that this property is far from town and in an expensive city should not excuse it from some of the extra hassles which it imposes on guests.



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