Marco Polo Venice Airport Review

Marco Polo Venice Airport Review


Marco Polo in Venice at first glance is much smaller than one would imagine for a city that handles the highest number of tourists to Italy. and Milan are certainly bigger. But what Marco Polo lacks in size it makes up for in efficiency. The one runway on a marshy stretch of land forces the flights and logistics of the airport to run smoothly and in our experience it does quite well. 



The Airport is situated around 25 minutes from the city of Venice itself and it can be reached by water taxi, vaporetto, bus and train combinations. There is an open parking lot in front of the entire arrivals and departures hall that is typical of European airports and it is here that one can park or pick up/drop off a rental car. The process is as well efficient as we’ve had to drop off a rental car in hurry before to make a flight.



The check in desks are clearly marked by their airline and will allow check in around maximum of 4 hours before a flight. This is probably the area of the airport in most need of updating, but it functions quite well for its age. The procedures through security are hassle free and one of the most efficient we have seen. As you approach the inspection spot a long tray dispenser allows you to start putting your valuables and items that need to be taken out of your bag on a rolling tray with you.

Inside the Terminal:

The terminal is again not that large but well kept. There is an Alitalia lounge upstairs as well as a Marco Polo Club lounge that takes a wide variety of rewards cards and costs just 26 Euros for use, highly worth it as it has loads of fresh food and comfortable amenities. There are many restaurants on both floors offering everything from fine Italian dining to aromas of strong coffee and chocolate. There are shops for duty free all around and the boarding procedures always start early to ensure an on time departure.


This process is quite easy. If landing from a long flight simply follow the signs for immigration, it usually passes quickly, but we have experienced delays before. Luggage comes out slightly later than one would like but it is not the sometimes 1/2 hour to 45 minute waits one can experience in Rome. Once outside the various , buses, taxis and water shuttles are all very well marked.


Marco Polo Venice Airport Review

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