Mall of Asia Review: Manila Philippines

Mall of Asia Review: Manila Philippines


The famed Mall of is located near the and the Bay in Manila. It is a massive development which we had the opportunity to explore on a recent trip. The area is well served by buses, Jeepneys and hotel shuttles such as the nearby City of Dreams complex.  


The layout of the mall can seem complex and daunting at first. It is the 10th largest mall in the world and branches out in several directions. Upon first going in we asked for a map at one of the main kiosks, but they do not have any, with daily foot traffic around 200,000 people we can see why they probably don’t want to print maps. They do have electronic maps with touch screens, but there can be a line and the search results can be a little confusing.


The mall has four buildings interconnected by walkways; the main mall, the entertainment mall, and the north and south carpark buildings. Parts are air conditioned and parts are not, it seems as if renovations and updates were made at different times, but the mall is clean and well kept overall. There are many little food vendors around, besides the main food court with colorful and creative carts.


Stores are grouped overall by what they sell, so electronics are in one section, sports in another, if in doubt simply ask an employee as every store has an abundance of them waiting to help. Prices are comparable to standard US mall prices, not as many bargains or selection as Malls in the UAE or Kuala Lumpur for example.


There are several cinema screens, performing halls, IMAX theaters and an olympic sized indoor ice skating rink. A large hypermarket has a selection of local and international goods. Restaurants line the outer walls especially on the second floor facing the bay to take advantage of the beautiful sunsets and park against the waterway.


Mall of Asia Review: Manila Philippines


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