Traveling the diversity of Malaysia

Traveling the diversity of Malaysia


The tropical Southeastern Country of is split between a Peninsula and the world’s largest island Borneo. The first thing it inspires is richness in diversity. It has been a melting pot of culture for people of various Asian backgrounds and beyond. The landscapes are immense caves, rugged mountains, soft beaches and highland hills.  Malaysia is a welcoming attraction in its Cities, Nature and man made aspects.  


Peninsular Malaysia:



This is Malaysia’s state of commerce, industry and has some of the best quality of life. It sits surrounding the Federal capital of Kuala Lumpur and it is home to the KLIA Airport. The nature of the place has many tropical forests like Commonwealth and Kanching. The Bantu caves are just a simple ride from Kuala Lumpur in the great network the city offers. Putra Jaya is a planned garden city which is a fascinating place to visit or work. This entire area is packed with the highest concentration of luxury hotel brands and the best shopping in Malaysia.



The state is situated in Southern Malaysia and it is home to  national parks filled with forests and rivers. It has excellent golden beaches in places like Pulau Sibu and has some made made like legoland. Johor Baru is the capital with a very successful and easygoing lifestyle. Muar is a religious and historic city in the region many tourists go to explore.



This state in the North along the Thai Border is known for its scenic rice pads, virgin rainforest and scenic mountains. Bukit Hijau Waterfall is one of the most scenic in all Malaysia.    Langkawi is the crown jewel of the state it consists of an archipelago of 99 islands which are a blend of world class resorts, exceptional beaches and mangroves teeming with life.


Island of Borneo:



Being Malaysia’s largest state means there’s a lot to see and Borneo being the world’s largest island is a gem in itself. There are 15 National Parks and Nature preserves here alone. Gurung Mulu is home to the world’s largest cave system and exceptional mountains. Labuan is a jumping off point for tourists but it has many of its own attractions from the colonial days to the present.



This state is home to some fascinating islands and mountain parks on the mainland. Mount Kinabalu and the beaches of Kota Kinabalu are resort areas with a wild feel to them. Mabul and Spiadan Islands are some of the best diving spots in the country.


Traveling the diversity of Malaysia



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