Hotel Concierge: How to make the most of this great service

Hotel Concierge: How to make the most of this great service


Oftentimes we forget that the quickest way to answer our questions is simply to ask someone who knows. Having a reservation at a good hotel is more than just a place to sleep, it is a key to the destination, a group of people who represent what the place of interest has to offer. Here are some tips about how to make the most of your concierge, the guide and often craftsman of your trip.


Knowing their role


With hotel experiences being marked by ever increasing attention to personalized details, one can expect that the nicer the place also means the more the concierge will be able to help you. The role of the concierge is no longer the person who makes you a city map or just calls for a reservation. They do these things but they are making itineraries, buying train tickets, setting up meetings and bringing a wealth of knowledge to your personal planning.


Give them time


Oftentimes the most underused portion of a Concierge’s time is the details before the trip. Should you contact the concierge before you arrive, you can give them more time to think about what to recommend to you. If you put them on the sport for tips and information most likely they will get it to you, but giving them enough of a heads up will only increase the quality of the attention and help they will give you.


Don’t assume they can’t help


Some guests are way too demanding, but most of us have reasonable expectations. Any request given respectably should not surprise a good concierge. You might think what you are asking for is strange, out of the way or even impossible, but you may be astounded as to what you concierge can do for you. Make sure extraordinary requests are rewarded by a proper tip.


More information is better


Be sure of explaining your requests and wants in detail and context. For example requesting a certain type of ticket might be sold out on one night but if the concierge knows you have another night available, perhaps he can rearrange your plans. Also when staying at the hotel, go down to the desk itself to speak, it is more effective and personable than using the room phone.


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