Travel attraction: Ma’in Thermal Springs Jordan

Travel attraction: Ma’in Thermal Springs Jordan


Situated just around twenty minutes Southwest of the historic Mosaic city of Madaba in , on twisty mountain roads near the Dead Sea, lies the oasis of Ma’in. The scenic hills are broken up by deep ravines in which lie clusters of palm trees as well as thermal waters of varying temperatures.


The official name of the site is Hammamat Ma’in. The best way to locate the springs is to follow directions or GPS coordinates to the Evason Ma’in Hotel and Spa. The hotel facilities offer some of the most luxurious accommodations and Spa treatments coming from the thermal waters, but this is not the only access point.


Public Use


The site is not overly developed, it looks like a basic campground where one can park, enjoy some shade and take advantage of the bubbling rock pools inside a cave, an outdoor sitting pool and a scenic almost steam driven waterfall. The mineral content and temperature of the waters is responsible for the unique colors and shapes of the rocks around the place where the water surfaces.


One should move about with caution, especially in the naturally worn caves as the rocks can be sharp, but occasionally the water can be scalding, in this sense the site is a bit more wild and undeveloped, but that adds a lot to the charm.


Cost and Entry


The Complex has an admission price of 10 Jordainian Dinhars per person. It is a reasonable fee for the place. There is an unkempt indoor pool facility nearby which charges an additional 17 Dinhars fee, but the Springs is the only access point really recommendable. Daily Hours of operation range from 8am till 11pm.


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