Lounge review: The Club at DFW (Dallas international Airport)

Lounge review: The Club at DFW (Dallas international Airport)

Located in terminal D -the newest of the terminals at Dallas airport- our experience in this specific lounge was kind of unique. Next to gate D22 one can see a little lobby area, that is quite stylish, from there one has to take the elevator to the fifth level where a receptionist welcomes guests.


It is possible to get access to this specific lounge with a day pass or trough other programs such as Lounge Club, or with benefits granted by some credit card companies. The check in desks handle passengers for several airlines, including British Airways, Airlines, Korean Air and Emirates.


Even when there are separate spaces for the different airlines it has the feeling of being a big facility divided into little sections.


The first gate is where those visiting the Club can actually hang out. It is a little space, but very comfy, and when I say little I actually mean it. I heard that the main lounge belonging to the Club at DFW is under renovation so in the future visitors can expect a much bigger facility.

Lounge review: The Club at DFW (Dallas international Airport)


The check in process was extremely easy and fast, I was greeted in a very courteous way and immediately asked if I needed to use the shower, the receptionist told me than even when the facility was small I had not to hesitate to ask for something I may need and that I may not see there.


Another very gentle lady escorted me to the lounge area and immediately offered me a drink. I asked what do they have -knowing that selection at many US Lounges is rather limited- and she told me that they carry a good variety. I asked for a glass of red wine and she immediately offered me four different kinds. I got a great glass of wine. Without asking she came back and put on my table a plate with a nice assortment of healthy snacks including pita bread, olives, hummus and fruits and she told me with a friendly tone: “you look like a person who enjoys a healthy lifestyle.”



During my time in the lounge I noticed how friendly and attentive those working there were with all guests. I have to say that the space of this lounge may be small, but the service is one of the best I have experienced in the .


I was impressed by the quality of drinks they offer and the great variety, along with many snacks -including good healthy options- and desserts. I have to say I was very pleased with my visit to the Club At DFW, I will not hesitate to come back again in the future while flying through this .


Lounge review: The Club at DFW (Dallas international Airport)

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