Lounge review: Los Anejos VIP at Guatemala Airport

Lounge review: Los Anejos VIP at Guatemala Airport

I have seen this lounge in several opportunities during my trips from and to . My last trip was actually the first time that I used the lounge since I got a new membership with the Club Lounge.

The first floor is a Duty free store where they sell some of the best rums of Guatemala, there is as well a bar for those wanting to spend some time before the flight.

The VIP lounge is located in the second floor, one can get access there using one of several diferent memberships or with a day pass.

I was welcomed in a very friendly manner, there is a little desk where the check in was done. The lounge itself is small but very comfortable.

The first hall is a bar, and visitors can consume up to three complimentary drinks, more than that one has to pay for it. One as well can get a hot dish and snacks.

It was early morning so I was offered breakfast, I was able to choose between a typical local dish with scrambled eggs, refried beans and bread or a more healthy option of Granola and fruits.

My breakfast was brought to the table five minutes later along with hot cofee and orange juice.

The main area of the lounge is nice, with tables and coaches. There are some newspapers and magazines and a computer station with complimentary internet.

I have to say I enjoyed my experience at Los Anejos VIP Lounge, service was friendly and prompt, the enviroment was welcoming and relaxing and the food was good.

There is only one more lounge at the Aurora International , is the one of Copa Airlines. That is a very nice space as well.

The airport has excellent options with affordable liquor, jewelry and parfumes, so I spent part of my time doing some shopping, after that I came back to the lounge and I did not have to present my card again.

La Aurora is a nice airport, not with big crowds and it is easy to get around. Los Anejos is a great option to spend some time and to enjoy some good local drinks and food. It is located between gates 6 and 7. it is open from Monday to Friday from 06 a.m to 08 p.m. Saturday and Fridays closes at 07 p.m. Children under 12 years old are not allowed into the lounge.

Lounge review: Los Anejos VIP at Guatemala Airport

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