Lounge Review: JFK Airport Swiss Lounge

Lounge Review: JFK Airport Swiss Lounge


While Airports overall are lagging behind the amenities, facilities and major charisma of other world destinations (like Bangkok, , Dubai etc.) JFK’s terminal 4 has some nice Star Alliance options when it comes to lounges. The lounge of focus and review, which we recently enjoyed is The Swiss Lounge.



The Swiss Lounge is open to a variety of clients. The first sort are those who have some elite status with Swiss Airlines themselves. Any Star Alliance gold member, flying in any star alliance airline departing that day will also have access. Some other memberships may have access as well, but participation varies by program.



Just after Crossing security one can find the Swiss lounge on the very same elevated level all the way down on the right hand side. There are a few different lounges one can choose from in this area, but after having experienced the Swiss lounge and having explored some of the others in the past, we can say with certainty it is a worthwhile one to enjoy.



The immediate impression one gets upon arrival is a higher standard of service than is experienced in other venues. Employees are well trained and show an elevated sense of service. The check in counter is used to verify one’s access, then the lounge opens up into a long room with several subdivisions in which one can enjoy a range of pre-flight leisure time:


-Food service and Bars

There are dedicated times when a hot meal service is provided, usually several hours around the standard breakfast lunch and dinner hours. At other times snacks are readily available with a wide selection of chilled and alcoholic drinks. The staff circulate at regular intervals in order to clean unwanted plates and cutlery. Food may be taken into any of the various seating areas.


-Places to work

The lounge is divided into several sitting areas at which one can work with electronic devices or find different positions in which to sit and eat. There are regular table style spots. raised bar seats with high tables and lots of spaces to charge all sorts of electronics. There are lounge couches standard to the industry with adequate lighting and wide floor to ceiling windows which overlook the active and international runways and gates.


-Places to Relax

There is a dedicated relaxation room which is sealed off visually and from any noise in the exterior lounge. While the entire lounge has a calm and quiet atmosphere, in this room one can sit in a low lying recliner and nap, work quietly or just watch the planes roll by. Across from this area are located the toilet areas and for those looking to freshen up, a shower facility is in place for use. Simply approach a staff member and ask for towels and soap and if the shower is available. It can be an invaluable way to feel great in the midst of a long journey.


Lounge Review: JFK Airport Swiss Lounge

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