Lisbon Airport Metro connection and public transportation in the city

Lisbon Airport Metro connection and public transportation in the city

The Lisbon is now more well connected than ever to the city as the Red line (Vermelha) runs from San Sebatiao to Aeroporto the final station. This gives one the freedom to move about the city and much of its environs with speed and ease.


The metro works by the purchase of a rechargeable card which one adds credit to for use. The card is good for one year and costs 0.50 Euro cents. Any ride on the metro costs 1.25 Euro from one point to another regardless of transfers. One can add credit to the card at any stop and the card must be used to enter and exit the metro. The operating hours for the metro are 06:30 till 24:00 every day.


Another option to arrive to the downtown directly from the airport is a non stop bus operated by Carris, the public transport authority. This bus costs 1.75 Euros. There as well Taxis, but these are more expensive. During the day public transit connections are so good that there is really no need to use a cab, it may come handy during night. Most flights at Lisbon international airport arrive during the day. It is uncommon to arrive to this airport late at night.


We published this article originally back in January 2013, there have not been many changes in how the metro is working in Lisbon.

We have received updates from travelers who have recently visited Lisbon. They have found the public network very helpful. Once one gets to the airport it is possible to buy single trip tickets or 24 hour passes, the latter ones cost 6 Euro and these passes are valid for 24 hours from the moment that one uses them for the first time.

It is possible to buy these passes in the authomatic machines that are located in the way to the Metro or directly in the counter office inside the station. Most of the personnel in the airport Metro station speak some english or Spanish and they are always eager to help.

The good thing with 24 hour passes is that they are good not only for the metro, but for busses and trams. Lisbon has a very well developed public transportation network, this makes it very easy to reach almost any point in the city.



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