Restaurant Review: Leafy Greens Café, St. Petersburg Florida

Restaurant Review: Leafy Greens Café, St. Petersburg Florida


Looking for a place that puts fun, creativity and passion into healthy, delicious food, well next time you find yourself in St. Petersburg or the Tampa Bay area Leafy Greens café is well worth a tasting expedition. Oftentimes in the healthy foods restaurant scene one might have experiences of dodgy dishes or subpar flavoring, this venue however delivers sumptuous dishes which are expertly explained and prepared for almost any diet restrictions one can imagine.


The restaurant can be easily found on Central Ave, The main artery for traffic and commerce stretching from the St. Pete pier to the Gulf of Mexico beaches. The restaurant is just a few blocks from Tropicana field, I-275 and the St. Petersburg Pier. Parking is ample and diagonal spaces all along Central Avenue provide quick and easy access.


The restaurant has an inviting and cozy vibe to it. The wait staff are friendly and knowledgeable about the menu, the restaurant is clean, well decorated and the chairs and tables outside make the best spot for a warm evening. The restaurant is open seven days a week starting every day at 11am and onwards towards 8 and 9pm most nights. The intimate nature of the place allows either single or group diners to be at ease and enjoy discussing the cooking techniques and healthy living philosophies with the staff who have put their own creative touch on the Vegan and Raw foods dishes.


From appetizers to desserts one will find new twists on classic dishes and perhaps some spices, ingredients or plants you may have as of yet not encountered. As far as drinks go there are some wonderful gourmet teas and to die for smoothies. Best of all these organic beverages, even the almond milk for the coffee are made right on site. The bevy of organic, savory goodness doesn’t stop there. A cold Thai Curry soup provided a unique rush of flavors to a classic favorite; recall that nothing is cooked so the soups are refreshingly cool in the subtropical heat. For something truly fascinating go for “the real deal” this non-traditional sandwich will truly redefine savory as you enjoy a smattering of greens, vegetables, ‘bread’ made from dehydrated onions and some flavorful avocado. Desserts are yet another venture into some tasty treats with an assortment of fruits cobblers and cake.


All things considered this restaurant is not just another place to eat, it is the place to embark upon a culinary journey and a gastronomic center dedicated to the inherent succulence and benefits found in the fresh and undisturbed nature of wholesome foods and all at very good prices too.

Restaurant Review: Leafy Greens Café, St. Petersburg Florida


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