Kuwait Airport Duty Free

Kuwait Airport Duty Free


The facility is well prepped to serve the needs of travelers looking for a good duty free experience. Overall the prices are competitive, the range of products is diverse and the staff are attentive. The duty free shops operate 24 hours per day so this makes handy no matter when one’s flight is arriving or departing. 


Travelers should be advised that alcohol is not available for purchase in the Kuwait Duty Free Shops. Fairly recently the duty free section was renovated and it shows with the pristine layouts and diversity of products.There is a perfume and cosmetics department, a dry and boxed food section, an electronics and accessories shop, two ‘Buy Bye’ shops- located near the boarding gates as well as a tobacco section with a walk in humidor.


The luxury boutique offer top notch brands, including Bvlgari, Chopard, Montblanc and Tag Heuer. The ‘Pure Gold’ shop gives customers chance to find fine jewellery and other gold pieces.Staff in all the shops are well informed with assisting shoppers in various languages on what they are looking for.


Kuwait Airport Duty Free

Matt and George

Matt and George

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23 Responses

  1. Joe Irvine says:

    I recently had an issue with purchase some cigarettes when I arrived to Kuwait. I was entering the country and they wouldn’t let me purchase. Why couldn’t I?

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Hi Joe,

      We are not officials so we can’t answer your question, we would recommend you speak to the customs and duty officials or look up their policies.

      We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  2. Abbii says:

    is there liquor to buy from kuwait duty free shops?

  3. Mohammad says:

    How much is one box of Marlboro in Kuwait airport duty free?

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Hello Mohammad Thank you for your inquiry, but unfortunately we are not aware of that type of information. We suggest you contact the airport directly and ask to speak to the duty free store staff.

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  4. Dily says:

    We are travelling from London in transit in kuwait. If we purchase alcohol at duty free London will it be allowed at boarding while in transit.

    Thank you

  5. Qazim says:


    Could you please let me know what is the price of TOM FORD VELVET ORCHID EDP 100ML

    Thank you

  6. manoj says:

    hi kuwait airport terminal 4 have lounge and duty free shops

  7. mukunda mohan kotapati says:

    how much is one oz gold coin in the kuwait airport

  8. Monil Shah says:


    I am traveling from London, having layover at Kuwait airport and then flying to Ahmedabad. I am confused If I have to purchase alcohol at duty free London will it be allowed at boarding while in Kuwait?

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      As I understand it anything you purchased from a duty free you can carry with you in transit in Kuwait, however you cannot bring any alcohol on Kuwait airways.

      Have a wonderful trip and please like us in Facebook

      • Monil says:


        Thanks for your reply. So as per my understanding I am not allowed to carry alcohol from duty free london, If I’m traveling with Kuwait Airways having a layover at Kuwait airport and then connecting flight with Kuwait Airways towards Ahmedabad.

        I’m writing it down so precisely just to clear confusion from my side.


  9. Monil says:


    I am traveling from London having layover at Kuwait airport and connecting flight to Ahmedabad. I am confused if I purchase alcohol at duty free London will it be allowed at Kuwait Airport?


  10. Zenaida says:

    Any gold shop where we can find during our transit?
    We are planning to book from Frankfurt to Manila via Kuwait airways .
    Thanks for the reply soon
    Respectfully yours

  11. L johnson says:

    Is tobacco available for purchase in Kuwait duty free

  12. mina says:

    i can find iqos product at duty free on transit?

  13. Rusdy says:

    Hi this is Kuwait duty free, can you say what is price for dunhill one cartoon

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