Korean Airlines Lounge Review: Kansai International Airport

Korean Airlines Lounge Review: Kansai International Airport


A recent trip from Osaka allowed for us to experience the Korean Airlines Lounge in Kansai International (KIX). This is the main airport for Osaka, Japan and the surrounding region with flights arriving from all over the world.



Who has access?

The Korean Airlines Lounge is a privileged access point for Korean Airlines travelers with status or for several other frequent flier programs including Priority Pass. We accessed the lounge with Priority Pass clearance.


We encountered a rarity however when the lounge would not allow the pass holder to bring a complimentary guest. We explained that in airport lounges we’ve accessed around the world this privilege was standard. The guest was also a priority pass holder, so they ended up accessing on their own account, but our questioning of this lounge’s policy was never given a sufficient explanation.




The lounge is clean and well lit. It makes good use of the overall small space it has, by providing many tables and soft chairs. There are several televisions which are set at seat level that provide a big screen experience. They were at quite a loud volume when we entered so we needed to turn them down. There is a nice use of wood decor, carpeting and an assortment of reading material. The overall state of the lounge restrooms and communications facilities looks clean but dated.


There is a well stocked fridge with cold soft drinks, fruit juices, beers and waters. Hot drinks are also available from various machines. The countertop area has a selection of hard liquors like whiskey, saki and brandy as well as white and red wines. There are crackers, mixed nuts and cheeses available as well as instant noodle cups. The offerings are not the most comprehensive, but enough for a sufficient snack.




Somewhat uniquely, this lounge does not sit inside the secure area of the airport. It is underneath the check in area of Terminal 1, (which is on the 4th floor) on level 3 near the prayer rooms. The lounge was attended by one staff member whose hours ran from 7am-7pm with an hour break and then from 8pm-midnight. The staffer seemed overworked. The hour shut down was not explained other than being noted. We also found that there were no TV’s or announcements about flight status. Overall the lounge has a nice atmosphere, but it could be better staffed and served to make it even more enjoyable.


Korean Airlines Lounge Review: Kansai International Airport


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