How to get between Kuala Lumpur’s low cost and main airports

How to get between Kuala Lumpurs low cost and main airports


KLIA2 Terminal to Kuala Lumpur Airport



The world’s largest purpose-built terminal for low-cost carriers called KLIA2 is open and ready for business. Travelers have some of the best airport transit options available to them, to get quickly into various parts of Kuala Lumpur and surrounding areas. Here is a rundown of the airport transit services available.


KLIA Ekpres and KLIA Transit trains: fastest and most efficient 


Anyone who has flown into the regular KLIA terminal before is probably familiar with KLIA Ekpres and KLIA transit. For those who used the old low cost terminal (LCCT) no such fast train was available to the city. Now KLIA2, the replacement for LCCT has the KLIA Ekpres (1 stop, 33 minutes) and KLIA transit (4 stops, 38 minutes). Ekspres and Transit trains all go to KL Sentral, which is the best spot in town for connecting to all transit in the city.


There is no difference in cost whether one is going to KLIA or KLIA2. Ekpress  and transit trains both cost 35 Malaysian Ringgits and trains run roughly between 5am and 1am most days. Should one need just to make aninter-terminal transfer just board the train headed in the appropriate direction. All trains between KLIA2 and the city stop at KLIA. Time between the terminals is 3 minutes and cost is 2 Malaysian Ringgits. One can easily catch the train at KLIA2 as it is located with all the other transit services in the Gateway complex.




There are both metered and coupon based taxi services available at the taxi terminal at level one. Ticket counters are located on level 2 in both domestic and international arrival. Tunecab is a recommended service with a 24 hour hotline and the possibility of advance reservations. Rates can vary but it is estimated one will pay around 48 Ringgits in normal hours and 72 Ringgits for a night taxi.





Buses are good options for affordable transit to and from KL Sentral. They often run all night and so can be an alternative to the 1am-5am hours when the Ekspres and Transit trains are offline. Buses serve many of the city suburbs (Puduraya, Sitiawan, Ipoh etc.) and surrounding towns in the metropolitan area, so it can be better than going into town just to transfer.


The Bus terminal is located in level 1 with ticket counters located in International and Domestic Arrival in level 2. Bus companies include: YoYo Bus, Skybus, Star Shuttle, Aerobus, Airport Liner, Jetbus, Transnational, Starmart. Some of these companies only serve the outlying areas of the city. Rates depend on the destination, but a one way transfer between KL Sentral and KLIA2 starts at 10 Ringgits for example on Skybus.


How to get between Kuala Lumpurs low cost and main airports



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