Public transit is awesome in Kuala Lumpur, here’s how to use it:

Public transit is awesome in Kuala Lumpur, heres how to use it:


Kuala Lumpur boasts one of the most convenient and accessible transit systems we’ve found in a major world city. There are several types of transit on any given street corner or intersection of the city. The official name of the system is My Rapid and the website for this system is fully integrated with maps, transfers and pricing



In the My Rapid Transit system of Kuala Lumpur There are three major types of lines, tickets are purchased as single journeys or can be loaded on one inclusive Touch and Go card:



Buses: This system covers a vast network all across the city and its suburbs. It can be handy for tourists looking to get out into the further away districts so as to reach a specific mall or hotel. Tickets can be bought on board with cash or prepaid frequent travel cards purchased. Buses aren’t recommended for sightseeing the main as the Monorail and LRT have them covered well.


Monorail: There is one monorail (Green line) which moves through the central areas and transport hubs of the city. It is probably the best access to malls and markets around town. Single journey tickets can be purchased which will give one a token for use to enter and exit the stations. There are also daily passes for purchase that cost around 7 Ringgits. Touch and Go passes are integrated across all the networks of trains and are handy for frequent and various types of rail travels. At some stations there are kiosks with attendants that can help with card purchases, machines only deal with cash. At a machine simply push the icons on the map that serve as your destination for a single journey purchase. Hours of operation run from 6am-11pm on most lines.


LRT: (light rail transit) There are several LRT lines. Three are commuter trains and as such won’t have much interest to tourists except those looking to go to the Bantu Caves. These can be reached via the Red line. The Rail Link has 2 lines. KLIA Transit and KLIA Ekspres trains which serve the KLIA and KLIA2 Airports. The same rule applies here, tickets may be purchased at Kiosks, in KL Sentral train station or at the airport and via the many machines available in the stations. Hours are 6am -11pm as well. The Airport trains run later with 5am-1am trains each day.


Public transit is awesome in Kuala Lumpur, heres how to use it:

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