One of the best mountain resort Hotels: Kempinski High Tatras, Slovakia


One of the best mountain resort Hotels: Kempinski High Tatras, Slovakia

The Grand Hotel Kempinski High Tatras is a destination of superb quality and beauty


Exquisite, One of a Kind and Unforgettable are the first three words that come to mind when thinking of how to best describe the Grand Hotel Kempinski High Tatras. This list of adjectives is not exhaustive by any means, the hotel in its entire splendor, its natural surroundings and its spellbinding atmosphere could be described in a thousand positive ways, but it seems that each description would somehow come up short. Guests can count on the encounter with pure nature and refined luxury in this place as being something truly special and exceptional.


To understand the nature of the hotel one must first encounter its surroundings. Imagine a pristine region of with clear air, broad panoramas, shimmering lakes, lush pine forests and dominant stone summits. Every season of the year has something to display and winter especially puts on the charms creating the perfect setting for a winter wonderland, amidst all the skiing, snowboarding and winter sports spots that dot the region.


Arriving to the Kempinski High Tatras is a journey into living nature. Highways are excellent if in from nearby Poland or even further away. Poprad is just a half hour’s drive from the sleepy mountainside town of Strbske Pleso where the hotel is located. From the outset one gets a taste of the good service awaiting in the hotel. At check in the experience is personalized and friendly. Upon request of the type of room availability, we were able to choose between a valley view room or a smoking lake and mountain view room. We took the second option because the view was so incredible. Then we received a welcome drink, bringing refreshment from the journey and allowing us to slip right in to the abundant repose the hotel offers.


Rooms are a masterful blend of classic European luxury and alpine enchantment. There is a rich use of wooden floors, frames and closets with pearly white trimmings, rich drapery and elegant wallpaper. The bed is a haven of softness and warmth, while the room has ample functionality in all things digital and electronic. The bathroom is splendidly refreshing with generous use of colored stone and deluxe furnishings. The room gives one a license to relax in style and enjoy the refined settings of a rustic retreat.


One of the best mountain resort Hotels: Kempinski High Tatras, Slovakia

A stately and lavish room at Kempinski High Tatras

The building in which the hotel is housed is a large and historic structure with monumentous characteristics. The outside is colorfully decorated with local style. Inside one can find lounge areas with warm fireplaces, epicurean experiences, and generous use of rich woods, grand spaces, fine art and ceramics. The ideal experience for each guest is leisure within luxury. One can enjoy a myriad of soothing experiences both inside around the hotel grounds.


Escape to the wild beauty right in your own backyard. The hotel is perched on the edge of a massive glacial lake surrounded by trails and protected landscapes. The rising peaks and thick conifer forests simply perfect the exceptional atmosphere. In winter one can enjoy endless opportunities of nearby snowboarding and downhill skiing. The expansive lake makes for an excellent spot to practice cross country skiing just steps from the hotel. There is an excellent storage room for all winter sports equipment that hotel guests bring with them too. In summer enjoy endless walks, exciting hiking and intimate encounters with nature.


The indoor escapes are just as lavish and attractive. The hotel features an indulgent daily breakfast of gourmet delights. Extravagance is never far out of reach with many luxury services and items available on demand. For example a posh 500 Euro special breakfast menu for two. The Grand Restaurant is the perfect site for gastronomic delicacies for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Several other lounges and bars from the lobby to the spa allow one to relax in optimum comfort. The most indulgent experience indoors has to be the Zion Spa. It is a place of rejuvenation and tranquility. What’s more it is the spot where one can encounter the best of the natural settings from with the hotel’s most calming environs.  That’s because the pool, Jacuzzi, and relaxation beds all have breathtaking views of the pristine lake and the ascendant mountains in the background.


The Grand Hotel Kempinski stands out for its unique charm and unforgettable character. It is a hotel that combines luxury, elegance and grace with some of nature’s most magnificent backdrops. Here we found pleasant and friendly service to be central to the guest experience. There is nothing left undone and no issue to big or small to be taken care of. Here is a place one can really escape to, a refuge in the heart of nature that allows one to embrace an unforgettable earthly paradise.


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