Karlovy Vary: a delightful Czech spa town

Karlovy Vary: a delightful Czech spa town


Karlovy Vary is a spectacular small town in the heart of the region of Bohemia in the Czech Republic. Those looking for an idyllic European city full of quaint architecture, cozy and ubiquitous spas should look no further than here.


The most common way to reach Karlovy Vary is certainly via Prague. It is only a couple of hours on excellent highways and as well trains run all day continuing on past the German border not far away. Being situated around 120 km from Prague, it is perfectly possible to see the whole place and take in an experience of the spas in a day, but it is best to stay at least one night if possible.


This town ranks among those medium sized spa cities in Europe which are stunningly beautiful, yet half the cost of what one would find elsewhere simply due to location and fame. offers good prices on everything from food, to lodging to treatments and has a majestic countryside arrangement.


Karlovy Vary has been famous for its natural hot springs with rejuvenating properties for centuries and the layout and architecture of the town has attracted the best of high society over the years. The hotels and spas especially will attest to this as they inspire an inclination to relax and recharge.

Where to visit:

Karlovy Vary: a delightful Czech spa townRecommended places to enjoy are the Savoy West. This is a destination unto itself, it puts attention first and foremost on excellent facilities that tempt guests inhabit the hotel for the entirety of their visit. For travelers with even more refined tastes the Grand Hotel Pupp will be at your every beck and call. It is an established institution having been present in Karlovy Vary for over three centuries; it is a classy five-star hotel with one of the best spas in town. The city offers 143 places for accommodation.


The spas are certainly the highlights of the town and it forms what the local tourism authority calls Health Care Tourism. This takes place in the form of recreational and assigned treatments at many of the venues. There are too many spas to mention, but virtually every major hotel has one and places marked “sanatorium” around town offers spas and treatments too. Be sure to walk along the central colonnade in the city center where hot mineral waters abound in public drinking fountains for a unique experience.


Of course there are many other activities one can enjoy in this historic and stately town too. There are 10 nearby golf courses offering an exquisite encounter with the Bohemian countryside. There are history, nature, diamond, glasswork, music and art museums in abundance. Many of the restaurants and cafes are especially good places to enjoy live music from exceptionally trained musicians. For culinary delights be sure to relish in La Boheme French cuisine at Hotel Carlsbad Plaza and Karel IV which sits at the central and oldest point of Karlovy Vary. The outlying landscape is a great place for summer and winter sports of all sorts as well.



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