JW Marriott: this may be the only hotel you need to stay in Venice


JW Marriott: this may be the only hotel you need to stay in Venice


Venice is a travel destination in a category all by itself. It is moving, timeless and enchanting. No matter how many times we’ve been it always excites and thrills and this last visit the JW Marriott gave a new perspective on a trip here like never before.


What sets it apart

The JW Marriott Venice is not in the city itself, but just minutes away on its own enchanted garden island in the Venetian lagoon. In fact it is built on the hallowed grounds of a once thriving monastery. The biggest downside of Venice are the immense crowds and restrictions on space. Here that is no concern. In fact the wide acres of this island allows this hotel to be both a resort and spa.


So close and yet so far

A regular shuttle service connects the hotel to St. Mark’s Square in Venice with a 20 minute crossing of the lagoon. The ability to bask in the glory of the city and retreat to a scenic stronghold is something this property excels in over many in and around Venice. What is even better is to surmount the rooftop view of the hotel which includes a swanky restaurant, rooftop bar and pool with commanding views of the lagoon and the entire Venetian skyline.


Get lost in the comfortsJW Marriott: this may be the only hotel you need to stay in Venice

The beauty of this island property is that it provides for long walks amidst gardens, pools, and many sorts of age old trees and buildings. The Spa is a spectacular brick and glass facade with inner levels of beauty. The gym sits at the far end of the island with sunset views and a beautiful assortment of high quality machines, sauna and steam room. A dedicated church sets the mood for weddings as well as social and corporate functions. The various restaurants make use of the various corners of loveliness that this island has to offer.


A well rounded experience

Any good Italian loves their and Piazzas as much as their getaways and nature. The JW Venice Resort and Spa gives a winning combination of all this with their spacious grounds and stately rooms in a classic building or one of the modern villas which look out over private gardens and the lagoon. There is superb competition in Venice for top accommodations but this property is truly unique and unforgettable.


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Matt and George

Matt and George

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