Jaya Grocer: a recommended Kuala Lumpur supermarket

Jaya Grocer: a recommended Kuala Lumpur supermarket


We value what we eat and on the road even more so. We treasure places that enable us to find fresh ingredients to prepare many of our own meals and keep up a good quality diet. So that’s why we’ve become impressed with and recommend to fellow travelers Jaya Grocer in Kuala Lumpur .


In our travels in and around KL we’ve been to two locations. One is in the heart of the city and hotel district, in a place called The landmark and the other is found in the new low cost terminal KLIA 2. Both locations are handy: the city venue when you’re in town and the airport venue if you’re trekking off around SE Asia and you want to fill your checked bag with edibles that will nourish you in some far flung expeditions.


Jaya Grocer at The Landmark

address: Tropics Shopping Centre (Parcel L A 1 Lower Ground Level), 47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

This location is the larger of the two. It can best be described as a mid-upper range grocery store. Prices are higher but not completely out of reach. The store is divided into two sections, its Halal and Non Halal products. Non Halal products include pork and alcoholic drinks. The selection of both is very good. One can find a range of organic and natural products as well as gourmet and standard food brands. Often Western import foods are mixed in with other products of a similar nature, but there are dedicated British and American sections too. The store has products for every type of food preparation, whether you are looking for fresh salad ingredients, canned soups or Italian pastas, meats and cheeses to cook a full blown meal. The quality is noticeable.


A nice bonus about The Landmark location is that you won’t have to shop on an empty stomach. There are some affordable restaurants and cafes just outside the Jaya Grocer. Coffee Shops like Juan Valdez, affordable Italian, Indian and Chinese cuisine is around in abundance.


Jaya  Grocer at KLIA 2

address: L2-139, Gateway @KLIA2, Terminal KLIA2, KL International Airport, Jalan KLIA 2/1, 64000 Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia


The airport location is in a dedicated shopping area before one passes security and check in. This can make for handy packing in checked baggage. You can even stop by before you head over to the main KLIA terminal with the rapid train connecting the two terminals. This Jaya Grocer is about 30% smaller than the city location and does not have a non Halal section. Still there is an abundance of breads, non perishable food items and accessories to make all you meals on the road complete. We’ve stocked our suitcase pantry from this Jaya Grocer and have eaten very well tripping around SE Asia.



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