A recommended itinerary of Cyprus

A recommended itinerary of Cyprus

The island of Cyprus for tourists holds an the appeal of a mysterious island, a captivating culture and beautiful Mediterranean experiences all rolled into one. As an island well versed in tourism it has a very good infrastructure to handle and show visitors a good time. 

Time to Go:

We recommend heading to Cyprus in the shoulder or off season. This tends to be when fall and winter months come, although many locals will still be at the beaches in late September after school has gone back. Hotels will be more affordable and although some restaurants, clubs and will be closed it is still great seaside weather.


Day 1-2 Arrival and LarnacaA recommended itinerary of Cyprus

The entry point for many visitors is the city of Larnaca. It has some great attractions to explore but it is most convenient because it is where the larger and and tourism agencies have their offices. For anyone comfortable driving in Europe Cyprus can be a good place to rent a car and drive around the country. It is worth spending just the beginning and very end of the trip in Larnaca since you will come through twice.


Day 3-4 Nicosia and Kyrenia

The city of Nicosia is the world’s last divided capital. The Southern side is Cyprus and the Norther side is North Cyprus, a division of the island between two separate governments which has gone on for many years. There is a Green line which divides the city in two. It is a fascinating experience to get your passport stamped and make your way to the other side, especially we recommend a day trip to the North sea town of Kyrenia. Nicosia lacks the nightlife and archeological ruins that much of the rest of the country has. It is really a more authentic Cypriot city with lots of local experiences, shopping, cafes, churches, parks and museums.


Day 6-7 Limassol

The Southern coast of Cyprus is stunning and it has many famous beaches, natural formations and ancient sites. The city of Paphos is a big draw for the history buffs and it may go well with hitting a beach town along the way. We did not have time to drive all the way West to Paphos and so we indulged in the town of Limassol. Wonderful resorts, grocery stores, malls and highways make it an easy and enjoyable drive.


A recommended itinerary of Cyprus


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