These are our favorite places to enjoy Italian food… In Italy!

These are our favorite places to enjoy Italian food... In Italy!


Italian food is fabulous. No one actually doubts that, but what people know about Italian food around the world can be somehow a little different than what the authentic ‘cucina’ is. Americans, for example, are more familiar with a kind of Italian food that is something that has developed its own flavors and traditions and when they visit sometimes they get upset not to find what they thought they knew. There are many places to visit in such a beautiful country and excellent restaurants are not hard to find anywhere. Despite that one has to know where to go.


The best restaurants are not always close to landmarks. Normally those places are expensive and not good and a visitor can easily fall into a tourist trap. Here we are suggesting some destinations altogether with some names of restaurants where it is good to eat.


Rome: everybody wants to visit , but it is easy to get caught in a bad restaurant in the Italian capital. Most of the good places are small, family run and visited mostly by locals. Some of the good places to eat are Abruzzi in Piazza SS Apostoli. Agata e Romeo close to Santa Maria Maggiore, Trattoria Polese in Piazza Sforza Cesarini and if one wants to go splurge and expensive a must is La Pergola with one of the best food menus and a gorgeous view of the city.


Cortona: This is the kind of town that seems came out from a painting or actually most paintings of Tuscany come out from here. It is a beautiful village in the top of a mountain. It is a place not to forget not only for its beauty and friendly people but because of its excellent food. There are two great places to eat: Osteria del teatro and Preludio.


Modena is North of Rome, A place that combines luxury and traditions. This is the home of super cars such as Ferrari and Masserati. This city is worth a visit and the culinary offering here is just amazing. If one has deep pockets and wants to enjoy an incredible dinner the place to go is Osteria Francescana, it is a three Michelin stars restaurant. Strada Facendo is another delicious restaurant, located in the outskirts of the city and far from the crowds.


Trento: is in the North of Italy, it is a very modern and efficient city that has a long history. It is famous for its excellent universities and beautiful nature. Its hard to choose in a place that offers such culinary delights, but one cannot go wrong with Osteria a Le Due Spade, this actually is an affordable restaurant with superb service and delicious food, it dates back to the XVIII century. For those who want to enjoy the spectacular views of the mountains together with a delightful meal the place to go is Baita La Zondra.


Palermo: if one wants to delight in a delicious hearty meal its impossible not to go to Sicily. Food has its own soul here in the same way that its and people do. Palermo is the capital, the biggest city and the place to start a visit in this big island. Bellotero is an excellent restaurant and probably the place to eat one of my Sicilian favorites: Pasta alla Norma. Trattoria ai Cascinari is an small, family run restaurant serving some of the best Sicilian dishes in the whole island.




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