Is it safe to visit Israel?

Is it safe to visit Israel?


Many travelers wonder if it is safe to visit . Summer is a busy time and many groups and solo travelers are scheduled to arrive to Israel in the upcoming weeks.. It is good to know that In normal circumstances  cities such as Tel Aviv or Jerusalem are safer than many other major destinations.


It seems that there is always something going on in Israel, but very few times foreign travelers are affected by such political problems while visiting this region. Safety  has been always enforced in a very special way in Tel Aviv , so if someone is traveling to Israel its good to keep in mind that it is not infrequent to see travelers being pulled away to be interrogated especially if they are Arab descendents or if they have traveled to countries in the Middle East.


It is always a good idea to be well informed about how situations are evolving in the country. It is not a secret for anyone that in some occasions even rockets have been fired in places as distant as Tel Aviv, including the vicinity of the International airport. So it is good to know about refuges and what to do in case an alarm goes on in the city, of course always stay calm.


There are areas that can be more problematic than others. An example of these are those places surrounding the Gaza strip. In our personal experience visits to Bethlehem and Jericho go normally without any problem and these are that can be considered safe, even when safety standards can be a little lower than in major Israeli cities.


It is generally advisable to avoid old town Jerusalem and major city places and squares during religious holidays since it is not uncommon to find some protests and the situation can easily change for the worst. Israel is a safe place even for solo travelers. There is a great road network and renting a car is very cheap. It is always better to share travel plans and contact numbers with relatives and friends and keep at hand the contact information of embassies and consulates.

In general, we can say that yes, it is safe to visit Israel. Our advice to any traveler is always to stay informed, be prudent and ask about safe and unsafe areas around the country.




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