Our impressions of The Boca Raton Beach Resort and Club

Our impressions of The Boca Raton Beach Resort and Club

As first time visitors to Boca Raton and to the Waldorf Astoria property there we were not really sure what to expect. Sure the Waldorf Astoria name is great, the address is wonderful and the website looks amazing, but we wondered would it be smaller than we imagined, overrated and self inflated, simply perfect or somewhere in between?

The Hotel

The Boca Raton Beach Resort and club is a unique combination, two rolled into one complex. There is the beachfront hotel which offers a very modern and chic view of the ocean next to luxury condo towers. Behind this lies a roadway, intercostal waterway, marina and a large mansion of a property built like a combination of a classic European cloister with Andalucian and Venetian accents. Overall there are 5 types of accommodation on the property.


We were immediately surprised as to how open and accessible both sides of the property are to guests. There are shuttles running most hours of the day every 10 minutes between the properties and even a shuttle boat during select hours. Our visit came during a busy weekend, but we were afforded every courtesy and all our requests were handled quite well.

What we really liked

Both hotels are stunning in their crisp and new designs. The Beachfront hotel has a more modern decor and the rooms were spacious, tastefully arranged and full of light. The gym, pool and restaurants all have a central layout which keeps foot traffic and noise away from the rooms and balconies. The Cloister Property is a piece of art on the outside and within it preserves some antiquities but it is refreshingly modern instead of overdecorated. The winningest features of the mansion are the impressive spa complex, the stylish gym (one of the best we’ve ever seen) and the majestic golf course.


What could be better

The hotel complexes are made for large numbers of people and there can be quite a number of people and families on the beach, in the pools and in all the recreational facilities. During peak hours of the day for sunning and swimming expect to find many spots filled. The Spa is large, wonderful and ornate, yet we do not feel it merits the accolades (#1 Spa in the World)  it receives. There are much more impressive spas which we’ve encountered in various hotels around the world.


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