Hyatt Hotel City of Dreams Manila Philippines

Hyatt Hotel City of Dreams Manila Philippines


This Hyatt property makes up part of a three-hotel, casino, and dining complex called City of Dreams just near the in Manila. Our recent stay consisted of 2 days having explored some other in the complex. This hotel in the complex more than the other two seemed to be overwhelmingly preferred by Americans staying in the complex.


Check In:


This process took place smoothly and it was noticeable for us how polite the staff were. We were nicely upgraded upon request. We also made inquiries as to lounge access since the booking system online did not allow us to reserve it. While the front desk person was helpful he could not persuade his superior to allow access for the price we’d found, but had not been able to book online, so we declined the full fare. We ultimately received lounge access as a compliment from a very competent manager after having been let down in several other areas of basic hotel service.


The rooms are spacious and tastefully decorated. There is a lot of ceiling height, a full soaking tub, shower, closet space and a comfortable bed. Our view looked out over the pool area. We then experienced several problems which made us reconsider the hotel. The hotel layout had some flaws however. On Friday night the noise and singing from the casino was audible until 2am which did not allow for much rest. Occupancy tended to be very high as well. We also found the hotel to be lacking in housekeeping communication. Several calls were made over for the room to be cleaned or for turndown service to be made. While we were out for hours and the housekeeping only arrived after a third call.



The hotel has a small but well equipped gym with a nice view of the surrounding area. Just adjacent is a salon, locker rooms, outdoor pool and jacuzzi. The lounge is spacious and the staff are really on top of things. They go out of their way to remember your name, dining preferences and to engage you about your trip, business or just make friendly conversation. They are a real charm of the hotel.

Overall the Hyatt was a beautiful place with very friendly staff. Some of the internal communication and policies need to work out their flaws with guest relations, but it is encouraging to see good managers making up for where hotel service has failed.


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