How to get to Macau from Hong Kong.

How to get to Macau from Hong Kong.

Macau is one of the hottest destinations in Asia. With amazing hotels, impressive casinos and endless shopping opportunities, all this makes of a desirable place to vist.


It is very easy to get to Macau from Hong Kong. The speedy boats are the main and more efficient means of . It is possible to travel directly from Hong Kong without passing immigration in Hong Kong. In this case the passenger has to buy the ticket online and once in the terminal there is a counter of the company, they will guide you through the process.


Most people first visit Hong Kong and from there they travel to Macau. There are two companies offering trips, one is called First Ferry. Our team experienced the other company called Turbo Jet. They offer an excellent service and affordable prices. Their speedy boats depart from Tshim Sha or Hong Kong Central every fifteen minutes from 7 am until midnight. The price in economy goes from HK$ 140 on weekdays to HK$152 during the weekends. There are seven services from Midnight to 7 am and the price for these is HK$170.

There are services as well from Tsim Shu Tuis in Kowloon.

Normally there is no need to book ahead, unless it is a holiday or for the night services. The process is very straightforward. One has to go through immigration in Hong Kong and then in Macau but this does not pose any major problem.

Many people travel to Macau on a daily basis, several tourists take this as a day trip. Once one has reached the Terminal in Macau there are many free shuttles to the different casinos. Macau is a fantastic place. Enjoy!


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